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We are glad to introduce ourselves, as Corporate Insurance Agent for National Insurance Company Ltd. National Insurance Company Ltd is one of the leading public sector insurance companies of India, carrying out non life insurance business. We are professionals having experience for a decade, with the objective of providing professional services in the field of general insurance.


A statistical report says that 40% of vehicles running in Indian Roads are without proper Insurance. The reason for this could be the busy schedules of the people or by not getting renewal notices from the insurance companies. Driving vehicle without insurance looks like not so big…but its depth is too much! The sequences can go even till paying in lakhs as compensation to third party. To avoid these risks, Ratna Associates has taken its responsibilities and extend its services by reminding you and get your insurance renewed to keep your policy in force always.

Ratna Associates further assures to get maximum benefits to its customers by providing correct advices which normally been ignored by people.