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Vehicle Insurance

Tips for managing your vehicle insurance

Order for a Vehicle Insurance

Policy indemnifies bonafide owner of Motor Car, used for personal purposes against the loss due to damage / theft / burglary of vehicle or any part there of, electrical accessories and also includes cover against liability towards third party personal injury and property damage.

Documents required for making Vehicle - Insurance

If policy is in force:

  • Signature in the proposal form with complete postal address.

  • Renewal notice of the previous insurance. If non-availability of renewal notice the Xerox copy of the previous insurance policy.

  • Xerox copy of RC Book (To check the engine and chassis numbers entered in previous policy and also to check any hypothetication details.

  • Cheque for the renewal amount payable to National Insurance Company Ltd.

  • Vehicle has to be inspected by us in the event of the policy not being in force.

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